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Opening dialogues for a better world.

Transformative Keynotes: I use my breath to speak for those who can’t breathe.

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Through heartfelt messages and direct statements, Megan provides inspiring keynote addresses that leave a lasting impact. Tailoring each presentation to the client’s needs, she empowers organizations to embrace change and create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

The Lorna Utley Outstanding Ally Award 2019
The Lorna Utley Outstanding Ally Award 2019
2019 Salute to Diversity Award: Diversity Business Leader of the Year
2019 Salute to Diversity Award: Diversity Business Leader of the Year

Hi, I'm Megan !

Hi, I’m Megan Fuciarelli, the visionary force behind US² Consulting, where I proudly serve as the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO). Originating from a background as a dedicated educator, my professional journey has revolved around navigating the intricate landscapes of social justice issues and elevating institutions through a lens of deep understanding. 

Having retired from the role of school superintendent, I bring a wealth of expertise in both education and social justice realms, making me uniquely positioned to foster successful partnerships in the pursuit of equitable and inclusive environments. My mission goes beyond personal achievement; it’s a commitment to guiding others on a transformative journey towards harmonizing success through social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Join me, and together we can create environments where everyone is seen, heard, welcomed, and valued. 


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Megan brings a dynamic and impactful speaking service aligned with the principles of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a seasoned speaker, she empowers audiences to navigate the complexities of these vital topics, fostering understanding and actionable insights. Megan's engaging and thought-provoking presentations leave a lasting impact, driving positive change and promoting a culture of inclusivity.


Through the CHANGEmaker Program, Megan and her team offer personalized coaching tailored for individuals in the JEDI space. Our approach includes 1:1 coaching sessions, access to a wealth of resources, and a supportive community network. This program is designed to empower JEDI professionals to navigate and lead in their fields with confidence. By fostering a culture of inclusion, we help participants amplify diverse voices and drive meaningful change within organizations. Join us to become part of a collective dedicated to creating more diverse and inclusive environments.


Megan leads a dynamic team dedicated to driving transformational change. With a keen understanding of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, Megan and her team offers strategic consulting services to organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) seeking to create inclusive environments. Through tailored solutions, businesses and educational institutions are empowered to cultivate diverse talent, foster equitable practices, and build an inclusive culture that fuels sustained success and engagement.

Embark on a more intensive JEDI experience with US² Consulting. Click here to explore how we can partner with your organization to create lasting, impactful change.


Megan Fuciarelli, the visionary Founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of US2 Consulting, is a catalyst for transformation. Whether she’s inspiring a crowd of 20,000 in a stadium or providing personalized coaching to an executive boardroom of 10, Megan delivers a tailored message that resonates with each individual, leaving them with the tools to create lasting change. ​


Be inspired by Megan's story, her journey, and her experience to take action on creating true transformation.


Megan teaches your audience how to define success as personal fulfillment to be the true indicator to meet life's goals.


Learn the power of empathy and understanding as a form of identifying with coworkers.


Megan teaches that identifying and embracing the obstacles of life is what prepares all of us to unite society.


Create awareness and humility with you and your team that increases company's culture and productivity.


Foster the importance of embracing authenticity as a foundational component of personal well-being.


Awakening Authenticity™: Releasing Guilt, Shame, and Blame to Reveal Your Inner CHANGEmaker

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Non-Profit, and General Audiences; Can be tailored for Leadership and/or your specific industry.

Value: Unlock the power of authenticity to enhance personal resilience, foster greater connections, and drive meaningful impact in your organization and beyond.

In a world where authenticity often takes a back seat to expectation, “Awakening Authenticity” is a life-changing keynote that challenges and empowers individuals to release the burdens of guilt, shame, and blame. This keynote is tailored to inspire the audience to embrace their true selves and unlock their inner CHANGEmaker.

Megan has battled much of her life with feelings of shame and guilt surrounding her identities. In today’s polarizing society, it can be difficult to navigate social justice discussions without feelings of shame, blame, and/or guilt. Megan believes that by humanizing these often difficult conversations without judgment, we unite society.

Discover the power of releasing the burdens of shame, blame, and guilt! This keynote delves into the heart of what it means to be genuinely authentic, shedding light on how releasing negative emotions can lead to a more fulfilling and productive life. By embracing authenticity, individuals and teams can foster a culture of transparency, trust, and innovation, ultimately leading to increased effectiveness and efficiency. Join Megan as she helps to unlock your potential to be the CHANGEmaker you are destined to be!

Objectives: In this program, you will…

  • ..understand the impact of guilt, shame, and blame on personal and professional development.
  • …discover how authenticity can enhance leadership, teamwork, and overall organizational culture.
  • …gain insights into how authenticity can drive success and fulfillment in your career and personal life.

Look Into My I's™: Intersectionality of Identity

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Education, and General Audiences; Can be tailored for Leadership, Human Resources, Management, and/or your specific industry.

Value: Cultivate a deeper understanding of intersectionality and its’ impact on personal and professional identities while acknowledging and celebrating the complexity of individual experiences, leading to enhanced collaboration, innovation, and organizational growth.

In today’s diverse world, understanding the intersectionality of identity is crucial for fostering inclusive and equitable spaces. “Look Into My I’s” is a thought-provoking keynote that explores the multifaceted nature of identity and its implications in the workplace, classroom, and beyond.

The assumptions we make about people, including ourselves, shape how we view the world. Rather than allowing the stories we create about people to determine someone’s path, we must listen and learn to those around us. As a child that was bullied, Megan has struggled with multiple identities of marginalization. It is only through our stories that we can learn about one another and enhance our surroundings.

Discover how the intersection of various identity dimensions such as race, gender, sexuality, and ability (to name a few) shape individual experiences and perspectives. Learn strategies for acknowledging and valuing the complexity of identities within your organization, leading to more effective communication, collaboration, and innovation.  Join Megan as she helps your organization embrace the power of intersectional identities!

Objectives: In this program, you will…

  • …gain insights into the concept of intersectionality and its relevance in today’s diverse landscape.
  • …understand how recognizing and valuing intersectional identities can enhance workplace inclusivity and effectiveness.
  • …learn practical strategies for fostering an environment that respects and celebrates the complexity of individual identities.
  • …explore the benefits of an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion in driving organizational growth and innovation.

Shock & AWEsome™: Transforming Culture Shock Moments Into AWEsome Opportunities

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Non-Profit, Education, and General Audiences; Can be tailored for Leadership, Human Resources, Sales, Management, and/or your specific industry.

Value: Transform moments of culture shock into opportunities for personal growth, cultural understanding, and organizational innovation. Embrace diversity and leverage cultural differences to create an AWEsome and inclusive workplace.

In an increasingly globalized world, moments of culture shock are inevitable. “Shock & AWEsome” is a dynamic keynote that empowers individuals and organizations to turn these moments into opportunities for growth, connection, and innovation.

Megan grew up in a homogenous environment: surrounded by people who looked like her, being taught by people who looked like her, about people who looked like her – until she went off to college. Being placed in the international dorm was her first experience with people from other cultures. Using her personal experience as a way to connect with the audience, Megan shares the three step process of Awareness, Wisdom, and Empowerment as the avenue to create AWEsome opportunities.

Embrace culture shock as a catalyst for learning and transformation. By fostering an environment that values diversity and encourages open-mindedness, organizations can unlock the potential of their global teams and drive success in an interconnected world.

Objectives: In this program, you will…

  • …learn how to embrace cultural differences and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • …gain insights into creating an inclusive environment that supports cultural exchange and collaboration.
  • …explore the benefits of leveraging diversity for organizational success and global competitiveness.

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