Megan Fuciarelli

Transforming Social Justice
with Megan Fuciarelli

Explore the power of JEDI principles, sparking conversations and actions
for a world where everyone is truly seen, heard, welcomed, and valued.

Welcome to “Transforming Social Justice,” a podcast hosted by Megan Fuciarelli. In this bi-monthly series, we dive deep into the crucial realm of JEDI (Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and it’s impact on our organizations and personal lives in today’s society. Whether you’re seeking practical strategies for organizational transformation or heartfelt stories of personal growth, tune in every month for thought-provoking discussions that inspire postive change in our communities and beyond, fostering a future where everyone is seen, heard, welcomed, and valued.

Episode 3:
From Stigma to Support: Dissecting Saneism

In this episode of Transforming Social Justice, Megan Fuciarelli, Founder & CEO of US² Consulting, and Justinne, the Programming Coordinator, tackle saneism and its profound impact on education and businesses. They define saneism and explore its influences, discussing the challenges faced by students, educators, and employees. Drawing from personal experiences, they highlight the pervasive nature of mental health stigma and offer practical strategies for creating supportive environments and promoting awareness.

Episode 2:
Understanding Ageism and Intersectionality

In today's episode, we're diving into the complex topic of ageism and intersectionality. Join us as we explore personal experiences and unique cultural perspectives surrounding age across different contexts. From familialism in multi-generational households to societal norms around aging, we unpack the nuances of ageism and its intersections with other forms of discrimination. As we embark on this podcast journey, we invite you to join the conversation and stay tuned for more meaningful discussions on social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Episode 1:
Navigating Ageism in Business and Education

In this episode, we dive into the topic of ageism and its impact on organizations in both the business and educational sectors. Joined by Justinne, our programming coordinator, we define ageism and explore its prevalence across various industries. From societal assumptions about retirement to generational differences in the workplace, we discuss the challenges organizations and individuals face and strategies for addressing age bias and bridging the gap between generations. Stay tuned for new insights and resources as we navigate the intersection of ageism and societal dynamics.

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